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Bandwidth issues

To my considerable shock, themanime.org has gone over its bandwidth allocation for the month. The control panel says we've used 10,272MB, or just over 10 gigs. I'll be working on getting us some more bandwidth.

UPDATE: I've ordered three additional gigs of bandwidth for the month.

UPDATE: We're back up!!!
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Good work. There was worry that this wouldn't get fixed for a good minute since many of the admins with back-end access are MIA en route to California. I salute you good friend!
Still no go Dave.
Problem with processing the credit card (no, I have no idea what), so I flipped it over to my MasterCard. The billing system now says the order has been processed, so it's just a matter of waiting for that to be reflected on the operational side.

Now I'm even more confused...I got two invoices in the email; one that succeeded and one that failed...so I'm not sure if I needed to change the billing info or not. If it's not up soon, I'll submit a support ticket.

Still no go, O Holy Voice of Reason™
Ticket filed with support asking when we can expect it back up.