freedomred (freedomred) wrote in t_h_e_m_anime,

Naruto on CN

Here's my review of Naruto on Cartoon Network:

Not too bad, but could be better.

They didn't use the original OP, which is understandble due to time but I do miss "Rocks".

Sexy no Jutsu was kept, a surprise. This was a Naruto fan's worst fear would be hacked out. Good thing they kept it.

Dubbing was meh, it's nothing to cry about but I still like the original Seiyuus.

All in all, it didn't enrage me as 4Shame's One Piece did. It was a step forward in Toonami's content.

Now, if any Naruto fans hated it, I whole heartedly understand. At least now we'll have Viz releases of subbed DVD's.

Hey, it's better than the Nathan and Sean Show 4Jerks had planned for it.
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